Top ten reasons you know you are a motocrosser…


Top ten reasons you know you are a motocrosser…

1) When you don’t hesitate to spend $100.00 at the local dealer to prepare for the big race on Sunday, but going out and spending $60.00 on a date seems a ‘lil spendy.

2) Your vacation with your sweetie….by sheer coincidence there happens to be a National or some other motorcycle related event that weekend that is close by.

3) Your daily transportation is severely neglected, but your bike gets so much attention to detail.

4) While driving the un-friendly streets you don’t dare let some punk with their hot girlfriend pass you in their shiny new corvette. Instead you block them in and slowdown chuckling inside, pretending not to notice how pissed off they are.

5) On Saturday’s your neighbors are all doing things like gardening, mowing the lawn, fixing stuff around the house, and they give you funny looks when they see you in the driveway washing mud off your bike, just like you do every week. I’ve even had one neighbor comment “why bother, your just gonna get it all dirty again”. Which actually does make a little bit of sense.

6) Those funny looks turn to glares on Sunday, after you came home from Saturday night racing at 2am and while unloading your bike the steel loading ramp crashes to the asphalt in a sound that would wake the dead.

7) Your co-workers chat amongst themselves what a great weekend they had golfing, or playing volleyball etc. and all you can think is how damn boring it must be not to be able to moto.

8) You crash and hurt yourself for the zillionth time, and you think to yourself immediately afterward that yea maybe I ought to slow down a bit. Once your injuries start to heal, you can’t wait to get back on the track.

9) You see your best riding buddies hang up there leathers, sell there bike and gear so they can start a family. You congratulate them and you wish them luck, muttering to yourself…”You’ll be back”….

10) And the # 1 reason you know you’re a motocrosser getting $300.00 off on a $6500.00 dirt bike is a great deal and you can’t wait to tell your friends. Hell, they even gave me a FREE can of chain lube!!

You know you are a Vet Motocrosser when…

You run your cooler at 32 parts beer to 1 part Gator-Aid.

You really hate to clean air filters.

Your wet crank seal leaks so you run less oil in the gas.

You can’t remember anyone’s birthday or anniversary but it doesn’t matter ’cause your racing that Sunday anyways!

You wish you’d had kids earlier so you’d have a 16 year old to load your bike and drive you home after the races. So you can drink beer.

You ask your wife how it is possible to wear out the brakes every 20,000 miles in a Suburban, and your kids pipe in (Boasting) “She is way faster than you, and can do nose wheelies in it!”

You’ve met lots of guys just like you at the track. Who are just big kids who have never grown up. They’re also your best friends.